Couples Therapy

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We know that many things can cause stress in our intimate relationships. Sometimes, you may feel like you have tried everything and yet the relationship still does not feel like it is working. Perhaps your relationship feels like it is great, except for one thing, or maybe you feel like your relationship just needs a check in. Regardless of the reason,  we provide couples counseling for all residents of Texas (opposite sex and same sex).

When couples seek help from a therapist or counselor, they are often at a crisis point in their relationship. Typically, something has brought them to a point where they can think of no alternative but to see a professional for guidance. In most cases, the crisis is related to some deep-rooted problems in the relationship.

Tessa is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate and can do just this. She works with the couple to:

  • Identify sources of stress
  • Implement practical solutions for decreasing conflict
  • Deepen emotional intimacy
  • Enhance understanding and support.

Tessa works to help couples learn strategies to manage their emotions in constructive ways, instead of turning to behaviors that erode their relationship.

We provide HIPAA compliant Telehealth sessions.

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Couples Therapy