Elizabeth McConnell


Elizabeth McConnell

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist- Associate

Dallas, Texas Therapist Specializing in Child and Adolescent Therapy, Marital Issues, Pre-Marital, Family Therapy, Parental Support, Play Therapy, Parent Child Interaction Therapy, Positive Discipline Strategies.

When working with adults, whether individuals or couples, I will help them become knowledgeable about how family histories influence current relationships, learn to recognize unhealthy relationship patterns, work on improved communication skills, and highlight individual or relationship strengths.

I support families by fostering a more secure attachment with one another through enhancing communication skills, modeling empathic listening skills, and teaching appropriate limit setting.

When working with children, I believe that there may be alternative ways to effectively treat the problems your child is experiencing. It is important for you to discuss any questions you have about the recommended treatment and to have input into setting the goals of your child's therapy. We will discuss the initial goals, purposes, and techniques of therapy in our first two sessions. I use play as the primary method when working with my young clients. Through therapy, it is hoped that your child will be better able to understand his/her situation and feelings and move toward resolving his/her difficulties. Using my education and knowledge of human development and behavior, I will make observations about situations as well as suggestions for new ways to approach them. It is important for your child to explore his/her own feelings and thoughts and to try new approaches in order for change to occur. Together we will work to increase their skills in the areas of communication, emotional regulation, relationships, and ego strengthening behaviors.

My rate is $150 for each 50-minute therapy session; $250 for each 80-minute therapy session.


Elizabeth McConnell (Sara Elizabeth McConnell, Texas LMFT-Associate #204473) is supervised by Don Zablosky (Texas LMFT-S #5266).
Don Zablosky can be reached at (469) 855 - 9107.


“All lives are worth living. But what is important is that you experience your life as worth living - one that is satisfying and one that brings happiness."


-Marsha M. Linehan






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