Child-Parent Relationship Training

The parent-child relationship is nearly always the most significant one in a child's life. Child -Parent Relationship Training allows for the parent to learn how to be a therapeutic agent for their child.


In CPRT, you will be taught basic child-centered play therapy principles and skills including reflective listening, recognizing and responding to children's feelings, therapeutic limit setting, and building children's self-esteem. You will learn how to create a nonjudgmental, understanding and accepting environment that enhances the parent-child relationship allowing personal growth and change for both you and your child.

This 10 week Child Parent Relationship Therapy teaches you how to be a therapeutic agent for your child ages 3 - 8 years old by helping you

  • regain control as a parent
  • help your child develop self-control
  • effectively discipline
  • limit inappropriate behavior
  • understand your child's emotional needs
  • communicate more effectively with your child

The overall aim of CPRT is to enhance and strengthen the parent-child relationship through improved family interactions and problem-solving strategies as well as increased feelings of affection, warmth and trust.

*Space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.


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