Nina Forouzan



National Certified Counselor

Dallas, Texas Therapist Specializing in Trauma, Anxiety and Depression, Adult Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Premarital/Marital Therapy and Trauma Recovery

I believe that any relationship is built on a foundation of trust, including the therapeutic relationship. I attempt to understand a client by looking into family dynamics, individual lifestyle/relationships, and early childhood experiences. I use an eclectic approach to draw on multiple theoretical orientations and techniques based on each individual client’s needs. Through facilitating change of behavior and negative thinking, I am able to help others enhance their effectiveness and ability to cope.

I work with individuals and couples to be able to address every area in their lives and to problem-solve together to help positively change these relationships. I have experience working with a variety of mental health and life issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, self-harm/suicidal ideation, work/life balance, relationship issues, grief, and behavioral issues.

My passion for mental health comes from my own journey and understanding that the more open to change and vulnerability we are the more we are able to allow ourselves to grow. Our self-development comes from goals that we set that are at the core of who we are.

I also speak fluent Farsi and hope to work with members of the Middle Eastern community. In my free time, I love to spend time with my husband and puppy, work out, unwind with retail therapy, and try different restaurants in Dallas.

My rate is $100 for each 50-minute therapy session; $150 for each 80-minute therapy session.


Nina Kehtar Forouzan (Texas LPC-Associate #89087, NCC) is supervised by Lisa Grubbs, PhD, (LPC-S #66773, CSC, CG-C, NCC).
Dr. Lisa Grubbs can be reached at (940) 898 - 2653.


“Life is a balance between holding on and letting go."








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